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  1. 智翹展貿有限公司(以下簡稱“本公司”)之客戶在產品保養期內(保養期由送貨日期起計),正常使用 之情況下,如發覺機件失效,經本公司查驗屬實,將可獲免費維修及更換零件服務;但只限由本公司進 行始獲提供,並按情況認為適當為限,而所有被更換的零件均屬本公司所有。
  2. 免費保養服務並不包括:
    1. 有關安裝、拆卸、代運送、棄置、裝拆妨礙維修工作之裝修或設施、清洗、除污、除蟲、除霉等服務。
    2. 未有按照安裝或使用說明書之指引而引致之任何修正或維修工作。
    3. 由於人為損壞、錯誤使用、濫用、疏忽、過度蝕損或生銹、擅自修理或改裝、正常之日久使用損耗、意外、天災、其他非本公司能控制的原因所引致之損壞及損失。
    4. 產品用於非家用或非產品原本設計之用途。
    5. 在危險情況下工作。
    6. 擅自刪改產品型號、機身編號或保養證內容。
    7. 配件:隔油網,燈泡,玻璃,鈕制
    8. 經非本公司之工作人員修理
  3. 若產品因位置或周邊環境阻礙引致本公司未能於安全情況下進行檢查或維修服務時,客戶須提供安全而 合適之設備,如長梯、工作台或棚架;或將產品移離及裝回相關位置,而有關一切費用及手續須由客戶 負責。
  4. 離島、禁區及公共交通不達之客戶需上門服務時,需要較長時間安排及須支付相關附加費及其他有關費 用。若有關產品需回廠服務或產品位於艇舶上,客戶需負責將產品送往本公司的服務中心,或位於市區 交通可達的地方交收,及於修妥後在同一地點取回。
  5. 所有交到維修中心之物品,在本公司發出通知取回後兩個月內仍不領回,將被視作放棄論,本公司將有 權對該等物品作出處置,由此所引致之任何損失,本公司概不負責。
  6. 本公司無須因產品的故障或失靈而引致之任何直接或間接損失及索償承擔責任。
  7. 此保養服務只適用於香港。其他商號或人仕所發出之任何保養証書均不為本公司承認。
  8. 客戶須於購買日期起計14日內,辦理保養證登記。如要更改地址或電話號碼,請即通知本公司。
  9. 在保養期內提供免費服務時,用戶必須出示保養證及購買商號之發票正本予本公司職員核實。如未能出 示有關證明,將須按章付費,而已收取之費用均不獲退還。
  10. 如有任何爭議,本公司保留一切條款及細則之最後解釋及決定權。

Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. Intelligent Q Development Limited. (hereinafter called the “Company”) has an option to provide repair service and replacement of defective parts to the product, for which is under warranty period (warranty period is commenced from the date of delivery and normal use, while the product is out of order and verified by the Company. The service shall be rendered and considered as appropriate by the Company only. The replaced defective parts shall become the Company’s property.
  2. This warranty does not cover:
    1. Installation, dismantling, to transport, to disposal, removal or reinstate of any fittings and facilities which impede for repair service, cleaning, dirt removal, disinsection and mould cleaning service.
    2. Any correction work or repair for the product by reasons of not following the instruction in the installation or operating manual.
    3. Any damage or loss caused by man-made, misuse, abuse, neglect, excessive erosion or rust, unauthorized repair or modification, normal wear and tear, accidents, natural disasters, or other events beyond Company’s control.
    4. Product use for non-domestic purpose or for any purpose other than the original designed.
    5. To work under hazardous conditions.
    6. Model or serial number of the product, content of guarantee card has been altered, effaced or moved.
    7. Accessory: Filter, Light bulbs, Glass item, Knob
    8. Failure to comply with technician for repair
  3. If the location or surrounding is impeded and caused the Company cannot conduct inspection or repair service under a safe condition, customer should provide a safe and appropriated facility, such as ladder, working platform or scaffolding; or dismantle and restore the product to the place by customer. Any cost and related application is responsible by customer.
  4. Onsite service in outlying islands, closed areas and location cannot access by public transport is required longer time to arrange and additional fee will be charged. If those product required workshop repair, or the product is on yacht or boat, customer should be responsible to carry the product to our Service Centre, or deliver to and from the specified location in urban area for rendering of service.
  5. All articles left unclaimed by the customer within 2 months after notification will be disposed of at our own discretion and the company shall not be liable or responsible to the customer for such articles or for any loss or damaged whatsoever in such event.
  6. The Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, claims, or contingent in connection with any defects, faults or failure of the product.
  7. This warranty is valid only in Hong Kong. Any other warranty documents issued by other parties would not be accepted by the Company.
  8. Guarantee certificate registration must be submitted within 14 days of original purchase. If there is any change of address or telephone no., customer should inform the Company at once.
  9. While providing service under warranty period, customer must present the original guarantee certificate and purchase invoice to the Company’s verification, otherwise, the service would be on a charge basis and non-refundable.
  10. In case of any dispute, the Company reserves the right for final judgement and decision.

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